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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Christi's Synchronicity

So, maybe it is kind of gross in it's post rain stage of decay, but upon my arrival at my friend's house in which I am dog sitting, she showed me a dead crow one of the dog's had just killed.

We women won't look away from this Skeleton Woman.

I thought it was interesting as I was just back reading the chapter on relationships and the identification in that chapter of the crow as our ego and pleasure seeking side. The crow manipulates to attempt to keep herself safe.

Based on all I have been experiencing in my romantic relationship, I find this interesting. Skeleton woman is the discomfort and reward of going deep and entrancing into that life death life cycle.

Whoo doggie! So, the dog nature (represented in one tale as the male aspect) brought me my initiation into the death of the crow. whew!

I accept this challenge and choose to get deep even as my feathers ruffle at this thought.

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